Trade & Marketing


Tasman Bay Food Group

“We are trusted leaders and innovators in the development of healthier, tastier food and beverage products. We invested heavily in developing Juicies as our flagship brand to be exported across the world, and have now entered the Taiwan market with very pleasing results.”


“We attended a Path to Market programme on Taiwan jointly run by NZTE and BuyPure NZ in 2012. Taiwan was clearly a market where Juicies had the potential to do well but we realized we would need assistance both to gain entry to the market and also to stay in it long term.

We chose to work with BuyPure NZ because of their experience in the Taiwan market and because they understood the Tasman Bay philosophy. They have been very successful in communicating our brand values, assisting us develop our marketing and sales strategy for Taiwan and enabling us to build great relationships with our customers with technical skills such as translation and also by spending time with us in Taiwan.

The success Tasman Bay has enjoyed in the Taiwan market to date would not have been achieved without the assistance of Brendan and Li-chen at BuyPure NZ.”



Peru Café

“We are a small but passionate team, founding our business on the belief that organically grown coffee produces a superior taste – all our coffees are certified BioGro Organic, Fairtrade and IFOAM, plus our roastery is CarboNZero certified.

We are particularly proud of our partnerships with our growers, paying them well above market rates to ensure they have the finance to see them through the whole year’s growing cycle and helping them develop their business. Ultimately, our export success ensures their continued success too.”


“BuyPure NZ opened our eyes to new markets, guiding us on business trips and introducing us to decision makers at potential customers – we found being represented by them enhanced our credibility. They also provided us with honest feedback so we now know how to prepare for an efficient entry into these markets. We are currently trialling the Taiwan market with BuyPure NZ assisting us. Their specific local cultural and business knowledge is invaluable.”



Lothlorien Wines

“We grow and produce award winning Produce Certified Organic Feijoa Wine. We established our winery in 1993 and until recently our product sold itself. Then in 2013 we found ourselves having to promote, market and sell our wine – with little experience in this.”

Sales and Marketing

“BuyPure NZ were able to identify and clearly illustrate our weaknesses in sales force and collateral. Tangible highlights have been the introduction of a 200ml bottle for sparkling wine, as well as the development of a presentation tool and promotional collateral for trade customers.”




Sustain Expo, Sydney Australia: Jan-Aug 2012


Buy Pure/Organic Systems provided strategic advice and confidence to event organisers Smeaton Hackett Events along with NZ Pacific businesses and trade and development agencies.Sustain Expo logo

The challenges facing the project were a change in brand and delivery of the expo to two new events showcasing all aspects of sustainable living during a global economic recession.  We developed a communication strategy that explained the changes and assured New Zealand and Pacific attendance.


Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Provided channels for export markets
  2. Developed strategies that sustained relationships and sales in the NZ Pacific and Asian regions
  3. Increased awareness of the Expo to NZ and Pacific markets



China Symposium on GMO Technology and Human Security: Dec 2011


This was China’s first national conference on GMO with researchers from all over the country seeking international perspective and advice. Buy Pure/Organic Systems represented interntional strategic advice and experience on the impacts of GMO on food security, sovereignty, and equity.

Our Role

  • Presenting positive changes of promotion of Organic systems approaches to resources and markets
  • Key note speaker “Effective Uniting Strategies: Lessons from NZ for China”
  • Strategic advice and linking China community to international networks
  • Relationship brokering with new experts in Asia

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Linked international researchers and lobbyists
  2. Brokered relationships for ongoing business
  3. Information shared to Oceania and international counterparts



1st China International Organic Industry Summit / 4th Asia Forum:

Nov 2011


The first event of its kind in China, demonstrating that country’s innovation and leadership to the Asian and International community.

Our Role

  • Keynote speaker “Trusting relationships: exploring uniting Strategies between East Asia and New Zealand”
  • Provide examples of positive trade relationships based on relationships, trust and 100% PURE NZ Brand
  • Continue to develop trusted relationships with Asian organic Leaders

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Conference was a success
  2. Networks developed
  3. Trade relationships established
  4. Expertise and best practice shared



Organic Expo and Green Show International 2010/11


These events took place in Sydney, Australia. The project challenge was to assist small and medium-sized New Zealand and Pacific businesses that were either certified organic or wanting to move in that direction, to gain successful access to Australian and Asian markets.Organic Expo & Green Show logo

Our Role

  • Provide strategic advice and confidence to event organisers, NZ Pacific businesses, and trade and development agencies.

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Provide channels for export markets
  2. Develop relationships that increase sales
  3. Increase awareness of Expo to NZ and Pacific markets