Lothlorien Wines

“We grow and produce award winning Produce Certified Organic Feijoa Wine. We established our winery in 1993 and until recently our product sold itself. Then in 2013 we found ourselves having to promote, market and sell our wine – with little experience in this.”


“We worked with BuyPure NZ to develop our ability to meet the changing market. This included reviewing company structure, accounts, products and operations. As a result we received business coaching and training at both governance and strategic levels. We still have a lot of work to do but now have a clear path and the understanding to achieve our goals.”



Love Cake

“We create delicious baking mixes that are free from gluten, dairy, soy and nuts, with egg free options. We revolutionized the organic cake mix market in 2006 with a superior product that is unbelievably delicious. In 2010 we complemented our organic range with a natural range of all natural and allergen free baking products. Love cake is recognized as market leader in the baking category.”


“We have had a relationship with BuyPure NZ for a number of years. Initially they helped us with business mentoring, finding our strengths and weaknesses, helping us to formulate strategies and pathways to grow our business.”



Preparation meeting for the establishment of the Asian Regional Organic Alliance: Jun 2012


Asia is an emerging economic powerhouse with diverse eco-types and markets but it is still the home of some of the world’s poorest farming families. How leaders of the region self-organise to co-ordinate growth and demand whilst meeting local needs and ensuring the principles and practices of Organic system approaches prevail is considered.


Buy Pure’s role included:

  • Assistance with participatory processes, decision making and record keeping
  • Strategic advance on impact of decisions made and global trends
  • Proxy position of Taiwan during the absence of its representative

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Formation of IFOAM Asia with active working group
  2. Critiquing of outcomes and strategic direction
  3. On-going support and assistance with publications

Although this meeting took place in June 2012, Buy Pure’s involvement in the initiative is ongoing.



Situation analysis for Grow Wellington: Apr 2012


Our challenge was to work with a regional economic providing agency to assess local businesses readiness for exporting.Grow Wellington logo


  • Deliver training and provide one-on-one strategic assessment of participant’s ability and capacity to export
  • On completion provide an agreed summary of learning – charting preparedness.

Outcomes & Benefits
On completion participants were able to:

  1. Assess their company’s current situation with clarity and conclude whether or not they were ready for export
  2. Articulate a preferred future and the next steps in achieving their goals
  3. Develop an action plan for current of future market entry



Global Organic Market Access (GOMA)—NZ ambassador to IFOAM, UNCTAD and FAO: Feb-Jul 2012

There are attempts internationally to move away from harmonisation of organic standards and to move towards equivalence. NZ is recognised internationally as an important participant especially in its relationship through the Pacific and Asia. The challenge was to communicate these changes and opportunities to authorities and the Organic community.


  • Educate NZ authorities about the history, objectives and activities of the GOMA Project
  • Advocate for harmonisation and equivalence among governments in the most efficient manner.  How we respond to the Australian model.
  • Inform NZ authorities about the Pacific Organic Guarantee System (POGS) and explore how to recognize it. Report back to the GOMA project.
  • Report other analyses, especially the state of NZ equivalence negotiations and opportunities, and suggest how to engage NZ in the global prospect for organic trade efficiency.

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Collaboration of meetings with authorities and leading organic authorities in NZ and through the Pacific
  2. Multiple publications that explain GOMA’s intent and progress of communications with authorities
  3. Reporting to IFOAM, UNCTAD and FAO of progress and strategic next steps



Mahinga Kai: Aug-Dec 2011


Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu in partnership with Oxfam used an innovative approach to revitalizing its asset base through utalising tribal land and its biggest asset, human resources. Its strategy was to focus on the hapu /regional. The concept was strong and required revision after initial development.


Critique,  review and advise:

  • the development and need of standards
  • design of path to market strategy to date
  • distribution channels
  • business model

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Buy Pure/Organic Systems provided empathy and expertise to early adopters. Our critique identified several key issues that have enabled constructive ongoing dialogue.
  2. Our approach was in sync with tribal needs, ebbs and flows and enabled their time frames to lead while applying appropriate consideration.
  3. Markets and international trends were shared and confidence provided.



Strategic Business Review for Sunset Coast Organics Ltd: Jun 2011


This company had a good history but was experiencing limited growth. It required strategic advice covering field operations through to branding and sales.Sunset Coast Organics branded bags


  • Provide a critique of past and current business practice and company viability
  • Provide analysis of prospects and opportunities for growth
  • Clarify objectives

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Clarification of current situation
  2. Provision of realistic options and clear next steps
  3. Follow through on agreed tasks
  4. Ongoing support



World Organic: May-Aug 2011


World Organic logo“World Organic worked with Organic Systems/Buy Pure over the last few months while Brendan and Roger guided us through the process and reality of exhibiting at the Sydney Organic and Green Expo, early August 2011.


“From the beginning they were a pleasure to work with, helping with the fundamentals of getting ourselves booked in to the show, reviewing our aims and aspirations and making introductions to key Australian industry leaders before the show.

“During the Expo we were well supported – we had someone whose advice we could trust when we had questions or opportunities that needed discussion.

“The show was a great success for us and without the encouragement and support of Organic Systems/Buy Pure we may well not have participated. Organic Systems/Buy Pure is great team to be associated with for those within the natural industry who are looking for friendly and experienced advice when on the road to export.”



Path to Market Australia: Apr-Aug 2011


Buy Pure/Organic Systems worked with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) to support and enable export-capable companies to fast-track their Australian market strategy.New Zealand Trade and Enterprise logo


  • Assist in developing a sound market entry strategy for Australia
  • Provide professional feedback to participants on their company, sales pitch and Australian strategy
  • Provide guidance on building capability and export readiness to participating companies
  • Assist companies in developing and assessing in-market contacts for future sales/distribution agreements in Australia

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. A sound foundation for development of market entry and development strategy for Australia
  2. Access to tailored training workshops to develop capability and strategic planning
  3. Market expertise from NZTE staff and other industry experts
  4. Networking with like-minded exporters in the organics, natural and green sectors
  5. Expert panel assessment to provide feedback on sales pitch and strategy
  6. One-on-one coaching and mentoring from successful entrepreneurs



International Forum of Organic Recreation Environments: Mar-Sep 2011


This was the first conference of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Buy Pure/Organic Systems was able to broaden the brief to include all recreational environments and public spaces, not only golf.

The client was Nan Pao Golf Country Club, Ming Dao University, Taiwan, in partnership with National Chung Hsing University, Tainan City Government, Association of Taiwan Organic Agriculture Promotion, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, Golf, Association of the republic of China, Senior PGA of Taiwan.


  • Keynote speaker to the event: “ Recreating our Humanity – Designing total environments”
  • Provide innovation, guidance, access to international speakers and practical solutions
  • Provide cultural assistance to first time Asian visitors

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Conference was a success
  2. Networks were made
  3. Expertise and best practice shared
  4. Business opportunities made



Training—Terraquaculture: Sep 2009


Working in partnership with Watershed Systems Ltd, we developed and tutored a professional training programme integrating traditional knowledge into practical skills based learning in:

  • Rural skills and team capabilities
  • Reading landscapes and mapping watershed habitats
  • Evaluating, modelling and monitoring land resources
  • Enhancing watershed systems through the role of ecostructures
  • Aligning practitioner skills and capabilities with property prospects

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Ensured critical information and skills were disseminated to a wide community of interest
  2. Ensured programme was profitable



Great Barrier Island Composting Feasibility Study: Aug-Nov 2009


This small, remote island  was challenged with a deceasing ratable population and high unemployment coupled with a five-fold increase in population over the holiday period was seeking a viable financial , social and cultural solution.


  • Undertake extensive analysis of the situation from on site visit and in-depth interviews
  • Investigate current waste streams and measure their quantities
  • Assess the viability of on-island composting solutions
  • Assess on-island market for compost

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Strategies and options made available
  2. Next steps identified and agreed to



Pacific Growers Export Partnership: Jun 2009-May 2010


Working on behalf of client FairMatch Support (Netherlands) and partners Sevaly Sen Consultants and African Pacific Ltd, Buy Pure/Organic Systems developed and built a foundation for implementing the PGEP.


  • Country-specific analyses of trade bottlenecks and solutions to overcome them
  • A conceptual design of PGEP information system
  • Development of the implementation phase and identification of potential donors

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Base data on pacific partners completed
  2. Strategic advice on the development of certification systems provided
  3. Future funding secured
  4. Implementation phase started



Regional Food Economy Strategy: Apr 2009-Feb 2010


Buy Pure/Organic Systems identified and detailed how a regional food economy affects decision in the 21st century for sustainable regional development and growth.


  • Initiating concept with presentations to Council
  • Researching and writing founding document

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Early adopters to international trend
  2. Base document disseminated widely for ongoing discussion



Workforce Organic: Feb 2009


Start-up project with Workforce Auckland, an industry organisation with little knowledge of organic production systems wanting to create its own product (Oakdale Organics Ltd) while aligning its own vision and values to organic ones.


  • Guidance and advice to WFA and its staff in incorporating an organic certified seedling and gardening business into the organisation’s capability
  • Fortnightly practical advice and scheduling on organic vegetable production and environmental management
  • Providing practical strategic leadership, training and planning to guide WFA’s management and team leaders
  • Introductions and partnership management with strategic partners and ongoing advice

 Outcomes & Benefits

  1. New product developed
  2. Certified Organic to standards
  3. Senior management roles identified, staff employed and succeeding
  4. Improved health and well being of staff
  5. Strategic partnerships initiated and relationships maintained



Oceania Pacific Organic Forum: Jun 2006


Working in conjunction with partners Te Waka Kai Ora, Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community, Organic Federation of Australia, Pacific Island Trade and Invest, BioGro NZ and Organics Aotearoa New Zealand, Buy Pure/Organic Systems helped develop a platform to bring together leaders of the region to discuss issues of regional importance, share issues of concern and identify methods of deeper collaboration.


  • Initiate, develop, lead, facilitate and report on critical regional issues
  • Provide guidance and process to developing a processes of engagement

Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Increased awareness of the impacts of regional geo-political decisions
  2. Enhanced understanding amongst leadership of each other’s needs
  3. Developed awareness of potential cooperation