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Meet the team

Founding Director: Brendan Hoare

Brendan is a renowned researcher and practitioner, expert in the aligned disciplines of sustainable organic production systems, integrated resource management and land-use design.

With 27 years of experience, working across traditional disciplines and public/private sector boundaries, his skills integrate landscape resource ecology, the redesign and implementation of productive landscapes and the mobilizing of communities and organizations to create effective change across wide-ranging social, cultural and institutional frameworks.

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General Manager Trade: Li-Chen Hoare

Li-Chen’s training in environmental sciences, combined with her experience in trade, communications and education, enables her to manage all aspects of the business. She also provides exceptional administrative support, with fluency in English, Chinese Mandarin and Taiwanese.

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Consultant: Roger Harris

Roger is one of New Zealand’s most experienced pure foods marketers. He helped establish the Phoenix Organics brand, developing a marketing programme which saw Phoenix become New Zealand’s premiere organic brand.

After 20 years as sales and marketing director of Phoenix Organics, he joined Brendan as a business development advisor and coach to share his skills with other pure food producers and help grow the sector.

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